Corporate Accomplishments


Created the first Pain Clinic Monitor in 2008:  Published a monthly assessment of 100 Pain
Clinicians’ prescribing practices for 27 individual pain conditions, panel
reports on detailing messages, and used for ad-hoc research.

Custom Consulting:

Designed and delivered numerous Custom Research Projects in
support of strategic product decisions for Pharma and Biotech Clients since
1993:  Spanning the full breadth of
therapeutic areas, ranging from qualitative to quantitative, often including
forecasts of patient populations, specific products, and/or entire markets,
domestic and international.


Published the first
report on US Neuropathic Pain in 1998:

  • Purchased by 22 companies investigating this developing therapeutic area, followed by 3 subsequent US NP editions, as well as
  • European NP, Peripheral Neuropathy, Back Pain, Cancer Pain, Brand Erosion by Generics, and Pancreatic Cancer.

Marketing Information Center (MIC)

Created and then managed the Genentech MIC for more than 12 years.  The MIC supported Marketing Planning and was responsible for all secondary data analysis; staffed by two full-time analysts and a part-time supervisor, this department played a key role in facilitating Genentech’s transformation to the world’s leading Oncology Company.

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