Corporate Accomplishments

Syndicated Research:

Created the first Pain Clinic Monitor in 2008:  Published a monthly assessment of 100 Pain Clinicians’ prescribing practices for 27 individual pain conditions, custom reports on detailing messages, and used for ad-hoc research.

Custom Pharmaceutical Consulting:

Designed and delivered numerous Custom Research Projects in support of strategic product decisions for Pharma and  Biotech Clients since 1993:  Spanning the full breadth of
therapeutic areas, ranging from qualitative to quantitative, often including forecasts of patient populations, specific  products, and/or entire markets, domestic and international.


Published the first report on US Neuropathic Pain in 1998:

  • Purchased by 22 companies investigating this developing therapeutic area, followed by 3 subsequent US NP editions, as well as
  • European NP, Peripheral Neuropathy, Back Pain, Cancer Pain, Brand Erosion by Generics, and Pancreatic Cancer.

Genentech’s Marketing Information Center (MIC):

Created and then managed the Genentech MIC for more than 12 years.  The MIC supported Marketing Planning and was responsible for all secondary data analysis; staffed by two full-time analysts and a part-time supervisor, this department played a key role in facilitating Genentech’s transformation to the world’s leading Oncology Company.

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