Welcome to De Novo Strategic Consulting, founded by Susan Olsen

Creativity is what I thrive on – and will utilize to empower you to set goals that are thoughtfully crafted and lead to new customers.  The key to success is setting your goals and then measuring progress!  My consulting approach incorporates Strategic Goal Setting and Key Performance Indicator monitoring, along with understanding how to create messages that are relevant to the customers you are seeking.

De Novo means RENEW.  All businesses need to renew and reinvent themselves regularly in order to thrive, something I know about first-hand!

I would like to help you create a Digital Strategic and Tactical Marketing Communications Plan that will support your goals, with Key Performance Indicators that you can monitor and use to learn more about your customers and what they think of your messages.  Digital Media is an investment – why not make the most of  it with my help?

Call me at (505) 328-2397 or email me at s.olsen@Q.com to get started!


I have helped many companies develop strategies & tactics for the launch/relaunch of existing & new products and services.

My expertise is based on:

  • A unique educational background – I’m a Biologist with an MBA!
  • Experience as a business entrepreneur, having started her first company in 1993:   WWMR, Inc. a pharmaceutical marketing research company based in the Bay Area, sold in 2009.
  • Establishing De Novo Strategic Consulting, where I design Market Research and create Digital Communication Plans for non-profits and start-up businesses.
  • Teaching a wide range of Business Classes to BA & MBA students in the Business Program at  the Albuquerque Campus of the University of Phoenix.  Click here to see the list of courses I teach!


Call Susan Olsen at: 505 328 2397

Email Susan at : s.olsen@Q.com